Contact NAPLIA employees

North American Professional Liability Insurance Agency, LLP (NAPLIA) is a national agency that specializes in procuring Professional Liability Insurance. On average, each of our executives and producers have over 15 years of experience in the professional liability industry.

Contact us and you will speak directly with someone who is experienced in professional liability and will work with you to obtain the best options for your business.

Employee Contact Information

Employee Position Email Phone: 866-262-7542 ext.
Gary Sutherland CEO / Partner Gary Sutherland Linkedin 1350
Stephen Vono Partner Stephen Vono Linkedin 1330
Dogan Tuncel Partner Linkedin 1320
John Raspante Director of Risk Management Linkedin 1318
Matt Fager VP Linkedin 1340
Paul Smith SVP Linkedin 1315
Rob Ferrini Program Manager Linkedin 1327
David Nolan Producer   1344
Michelle MacNeil Underwriting Manager Linkedin 1358
Lisa Ventre Underwriter Linkedin 1329
Janna Egnitz Underwriter Linkedin 1355
Alison Lowell Claims Coordinator Linkedin 1375
Meaghan Swarts Underwriter   1346
Nicole Ferguson Underwriter   1359
Christina Moriarty Underwriter   1377
Karen Karkane Underwriter   1341
Courtney Foley Bookkeeper Program Manager   1342
Nancy Westbom Office Manager   1333
Eric Sutherland Billing Coordinator Linkedin 1348
Heather O'Connor Asst Office Manager   1365
Emily Pakulat Dir of First Impressions   1300
Mary Ellen Graves Sales Assistant   1386