NAPLIA makes our best effort to have all of our Attorneys / Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Applications available here in electronic format.

If you do not see an application or form you need please contact us.

All applications may be faxed to our office at 508-656-1399, or emailed directly to your NAPLIA representative.

Attorneys Professional Liability - Applications / Forms

One Page Indication Form

NAPLIA One-Page Indication Form - the fastest way to obtain an indication on your professional liability premium.

The Hanover Insurance Company

Hanover Select New Business Application
Hanover Select New Attorney Supplement
Hanover Intellectual Property Supplement
Hanover Specimen Policy

The LawGold

Exclusive through NAPLIA in Massachusetts

LawGold New Business Application
LawGold New Business Application  (FL & WA Only)
LawGold Warranty Statement
LawGold Renewal Application
LawGold Claim Supplement
LawGold Entertainment Supplement
LawGold Environmental Supplement
LawGold Estate Trust Probate Supplement
LawGold Financial Institutions Supplement
LawGold Oil & Gas Supplement
LawGold Outside Interest Supplement
LawGold Plaintiff Supplement
LawGold Real Estate Supplement
LawGold Securities Supplement
LawGold Financial Institutions Supplement
LawGold Title Agent Supplement
LawGold IP Supplement

LawGold Specimen Policy Form

Westport Insurance Company

Westport New Business Application
Westport Individual Lawyer Supplement
Westport Supplemental AOP Questionnaire
Westport Claim Supplement
Westport Intellectual Property Supplement
Westport New Lawyer Supplement
Westport Outside Interest Supplement
Westport Securities Supplement
Westport Supplemental Questions
Westport Ancillary Services Supplement

The Hartford / Twin City Insurance Company

Twin City New Business Application
Twin City Renewal Application

Twin City Additional Locations Supplement
Twin City Career Coverage Supplement
Twin City Claim Supplement
Twin City Copyright/Trademark/Patent Supplement
Twin City Entertainment Supplement
Twin City Financial Institution Supplement
Twin City New Lawyer Supplement
Twin City Outside Interest Supplement
Twin City Plaintiff Litigation Supplement
Twin City Real Estate Supplement
Twin City Securities Supplement
Twin City Title Insurance Supplement
Twin City Trustee Supplement
Twin City Specimen Policy Form

Travelers Insurance Company

Travelers New Business Application
Travelers Renewal Application
Travelers Renewal Application (short - for solo attorneys only)
Travelers Bridge Application
Travelers Specimen Policy
Travelers Additional Locations Supplement
Travelers Bankruptcy Supplement
Travelers Claim Supplement
Travelers Entertainment Supplement
Travelers Environmental Supplement
Travelers Estate and Trusts Supplement
Travelers Financial Institution Supplement
Travelers Intellectual Property Supplement
Travelers New Attorney Form
Travelers Outside Interest Supplement
Travelers Plaintiff Practice Supplement
Travelers Real Estate Supplement
Travelers Title Agent Supplement

Promarc Preferred Program

Promarc New Business Application
Promarc Renewal Application
Promarc Specimen Policy Form
Promarc Sample EPLI Endorsement